bbp13 [AT] umd [DOT] edu

Hello! I am Bhrij (“Bridge”) Patel, a first-year CS PhD student at the UMD - College Park. I am advised by Dr. Dinesh Manocha as part of the GAMMA lab and currently researching optimization methods for Reinforcement Learning. I also have broad interests in ML including but not limited to predictive analytics, computer vision, interpretability, generative modeling, and representation learning.

I recently graduated from Duke University (‘22) with a double major in CS and Math and a minor in Creative Writing. During my undergrad, I was advised by Dr. Cynthia Rudin in her Interpretable ML Lab. I have researched interpretability for criminal recidivism models, superresolution, weakly-supervivsed learning for protein localizations, Cryo-Electron Microscopy, and data dimension reduction of neural networks.

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